A inkscape tip (about arrow tips)

If you are working with Inkscape, and if you want nice SVG graphics you should be using inkscape, you may have notice that when you add a path/arrow with a tip, and then you want to change the color of the arrow, the head will remain using the old color. Why this works this way is something I don’t understand, but how do you make them match?

Well, you select the arrow(s) you want to modify, and then Effects->Modify Path-> Color Markers to Match Stroke

Nice trick, I found it in Here

Site update

I’ve received some feedback about this site and I had made a few modifications

  • Feeds now work properly (no longer example.com domain).
  • The code font is now smaller.
  • Gravatar support for comments.
  • Comments links on the main page are now clickable.
  • Better sitemaps.xml.
  • Deleted testing images from the photoblog.

A warning has been added for all IE 6 users, because the page will render completely wrong, and fixing the CSS to work with that browser is something I will not do.

This is getting better :)