Bye, bye Google Analytics

I know being tracked by Google/Microsoft/Facebook wherever on the net is not something you really want, so I’ve made a couple of changes lately to mitigate that. I decided to get rid of my Facebook account, and it wasn’t easy. They have a creepy amount of data about you, and all this Facebook-enabled sites give information to Facebook. That, and the fact that it is a big time sucker, moved me to delete my account. If you want to know how to do it, read here.

My blog used to have Google Analytics, but now I’ve found a compelling, open-source, alternative: Piwik. It has a very nice interface, and there is a WordPress plugin to easily integrated it. So, if you are visiting this blog, you are no longer tracked by Google Analytics.

Now that I’m talking about privacy, I just want to add that I do use Google’s search engine, buzz, gmail, reader and picasa. Google search results are the best, so I don’t think I will be switching to something else anywhere soon; I’m alternating buzz and twitter as my “social” networks, I don’t like the alternatives to picasa or reader, so I’m sticking to them. And yes, I trust Google more than I trust Facebook.

New life, blogging again

It’s been a long time since I posted something here, so a lot has happen and now it’s time to do a quick update :D:

I’ve got married!

We’d moved abroad

We left our home-country, Peru, and landed in this beautiful land: Brazil! source

We are living in Campinas, São Paulo. We are already three months here, and it’s really beautiful country with very friendly people, although we are still not completely used to the weather, it’s hardly a problem.

I’ve started my Masters in Computer Science

At the Instituto de Computação da Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP (Institute of Computing – IC of the Campinas State University). source

It’s a nice, challenging university and I’m happy to study here.

Create a tarball from a specific git commit

I have this code I’m working on that is needs to be deployed remotely (Fabric makes this SO easy) and I’m using git as my version control system. Well, I was creating tarballs for this, but I was basically doing them as similar as I could to what git had in the tree (ignoring the same files, etc.), so it was kind of repetitive and, boring. Well, git to the rescue!!!

git archive --format=tar HEAD | gzip > myproject.tar.gz

And you have a nice clean zipped tarball of your code as is on HEAD, without tears :)

Git is awesome!

Changes in the website

I’m sure you have noticed the fact that this website has changed (if not, welcome!). Well, there was some issues with the previous one and after fixing the code I was completely unable to make it work again, there was some problems with python + django + mysql, very very weird (process forking, memory issues and alike), so I sadly ended giving up and installing the only blogging system made in php (or in some other language) that I would change for the one made by myself: wordpress. I have to say that it’s really nice in it’s latest incarnation :)

I’ll try to update my blog a little bit more often, so stay tunned.

Gmail sentinel 0.3 released

Finally, after several months, we have a new release. Here are some of the changes from the freshmeat announce:

“This version is a lot better than 0.1. Gmail-sentinel has been reworked and now uses a plugin system for notifications, real logging system has been added, new command line options, you can enter your credentials by command line if putting them in the configuration file makes you uncomfortable, and code clean up. ”

Go to the project website to download it

gmail-sentinel 0.3 beta2

After too much time of negligence, I finally fixed some issues with the software, that’s why the beta2. What happen to beta1? Well, it’s here, but don’t try it, it’s buggy. This new version fixed some thread problems and also brings a new command line interface, with more options and all that.

Where do I get it?

Want to try this beta? Download it here.

What about version 0.3?

If everything goes well, Monday will be release version 3 final.

Plans for version 0.4

Use feedparser instead of my hand made parser, why? because feedparser is much more tested and you know what they said, less code means less bugs :)

Site update

I’ve received some feedback about this site and I had made a few modifications

  • Feeds now work properly (no longer domain).
  • The code font is now smaller.
  • Gravatar support for comments.
  • Comments links on the main page are now clickable.
  • Better sitemaps.xml.
  • Deleted testing images from the photoblog.

A warning has been added for all IE 6 users, because the page will render completely wrong, and fixing the CSS to work with that browser is something I will not do.

This is getting better :)

New site up!

Finally, several months after the announcement this site is finally up!. This new site is build on top of Django, and while some parts are written from scratch, others are just resusable apps. To find more about this site check the about page.

What is new?

What is missing?

  • Code and projects link is broken
  • No pingback
  • Few esoteric features ;)
  • Comments RSS

Now… time to post!

gmail-sentinel 0.2 RC

A quick update. I missed the schedule by some days, but here is the release candidate for the 0.2 version.

  • Fixed bug #4
  • New TODO file, with ideas for new features. If you want to help and don’t know where to start this is for you

Grab it while it’s hot!