New life, blogging again

It’s been a long time since I posted something here, so a lot has happen and now it’s time to do a quick update :D:

I’ve got married!

We’d moved abroad

We left our home-country, Peru, and landed in this beautiful land: Brazil! source

We are living in Campinas, São Paulo. We are already three months here, and it’s really beautiful country with very friendly people, although we are still not completely used to the weather, it’s hardly a problem.

I’ve started my Masters in Computer Science

At the Instituto de Computação da Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP (Institute of Computing – IC of the Campinas State University). source

It’s a nice, challenging university and I’m happy to study here.

What did I do the past 3 months?

Well, I’ve been doing an internship at a known internet company and it has been an awesome experience. I’ve learned quite a lot, I had an amazing host and a very supportive team. Now I’m on my way back home, and there’s nothing like a couple of hours in an airport to raise the blogging enthusiasm.

I worked with java, that language that I didn’t like too much because, as on of my friends at work said, there is too much plumbing needed to do anything. But, now I feel more respectful to the java camp, and definitely I’m going to keep writing some code in java, after all, if you consider that skills are based on real production code written, java would be my “main” language. (Although is hard to admit)

I did practice some elisp, and I realized tahat even with cool IDE’s with pretty nice features, nothing beats emacs at manipulating text files. Changing editors is a very hard topic, you have to deal with muscle memory and such, and then you found thos little things you take for granted as… how to move.

Well now is time to go back, to my girlfriend and my family!