Things I keep forgetting: Gnus reply key bindings

edit: added mail-forward

Summary mode:

While reading a mail, you could reply to it using the following commands:

key command
r gnus-summary-reply
R gnus-summary-reply-with-original
S w gnus-summary-wide-reply
S W gnus-summary-wide-reply-with-original
C-c C-f gnus-summary-mail-forward

Message mode:

If you are writing a regular reply and then you decide to make it “wide” use:

key command
C-c C-f w message-insert-wide-reply


2 thoughts on “Things I keep forgetting: Gnus reply key bindings

  1. AFAIK, f and F are useful for both mail and message (nntp) composing, whereas r and R are mail only, right? I never understood the difference very well, and because I’m more used to the reply (rather than follow-up) terminology, I ended up using r instead of f. Correct me if I’m wrong :)

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